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I want to know how to prepare myself mentally and physically. Should I shave everything off or leave some hair? Should I wear sexy lingerie? Also, I've heard you become very attached to the person you do it with. I'm nervous to do it with my boyfriend


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  • The problem is everybody is different. I have my own experience of sex but when I read about some other people's on the web it's like they are another species.


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  • I would say what makes you feel sexy and comfortable. I've heard if you're really nervous it makes you tighten up, so if it's your first time that will make it much more uncomfortable. You can shave down there if you want to, however be very careful because it can make you vey itchy. I like to use veet and or a trimmer since I find it less irritating. I like doing what's called the landing strip since I find being completely bare to be odd. There are several different styles I you want to google them and figure out what you like best. Make sure you have condoms if you're not planning to have kids yet. And know that you can back out last second if you don't feel ready. Also lots of foreplay is good.


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  • go with what you are comfterble with


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