Should I talk it out first?

Alright so im really annoyed right now and i need to vent. My boyfriend and i are both 25 and have been going out for 4 years. He recently moved out of his parent's house into his own house well once my student loans are paid off i plan on moving in with him.. well om having issues with my parents so i asked him if i could move in with him sooner for cheap rent for a little while because things are really bad at my parents right now and obviously he knowa all the details. Well he said no. Well his parents divorced like a month ago and his mom has no place to go so she is moving in with my boyfriend. It realllllly hurt me to the core that she is living there rent free because of a bad situation she is in but his own girlfriend of 4 yeara mind you that he is serious with and wants to eventually marry is in a bad situation and he says no to me. Like dude wtf? I just feel like this is a big sign that something is wrong in thw relationship if he isn't willing to help me out when im down but will for other people. I work ft so its not like im. mooching off of him. I thought part of being in a relationship is being there for your partner when times are tough and to me this is a sneak peak of what our future will be like if he isn't willing to help me out. Should i break up with him or try and work this major issue out first?


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  • He probably thought you and you parents would make up and all would be good but I don't know mom comes first especially if she was gonna be homless

    • Its not about coming first though. It should be equal at this point especially since we are going to be moving in together and we are talking marriage. Shouldn't someone in a relationship be willing to help the other person out if they truly care about them especially after 4 years. That's one of the main purposes of a relationship is being there for each other and having each others back. I don't know what you meant by mom comes first its not even about who comes first or who comes second at least it shouldn't be about that. Serious girlfriend especially one you are settling down with should be equally important to mom different relationships and love but equal

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    • Not to mention i find it odd that he isn't ready for me to move in but boom the minute his mom needs help conveniently he is ready
      Im sorry but at this stage in the game a gd should be special to to where you feel no one can replace her. If after 4 years a guy doesn't feel that way then maybe he isn't in the right relationship. Yes moms are very important and special but tbat doesn't mean that after a while your SO shouldn't come first. It is only natural and healthy to start putting the person you are settling down with first. That would be a mommas boy and trust me relationships and marriages dont last if they are always second to mommy

    • I hear ya and god no I wouldn't want my mom staying with me. I'm sorry you feel this way, you say you talked to him and he gave you clarity?

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  • break up with him.