Does anyone else feel kinda icky about past dates?

There was this guy that I dated earlier this year, for about a month. Back then and recently after we stopped seeing each other I was so into him and thought about him a lot. Now when I think back it kind of grosses me out, is that normal? Haha. Like when I think about him kissing me I start to think ew why did I let him stick his tongue in my mouth? What did I see in him?
Anyone else felt the same before? Lol random question but it was just on my mind.


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  • Not in retrospect. Just on current dates.

    Once took a girl to the water park on a 2nd date and she didn't shave her pits or her legs... not good!

    • Hahaa okay you win :P I'm sure if you had of kissed her by that point thinking about it later would probably gross you out a bit :p

    • Not really, but if she had bad breath when I kissed her, I'd be a little grossed out.

    • Well yeah, that's always a turn off

What Girls Said 1

  • I've felt that way before. It's because you're no longer attracted to them. They have lost their appeal and attraction in your mind.