Ladies what does this mean?

If you're a woman :

- you dumped your boyfriend 3 months ago
- i took you out twice after you said you werent looking for anything
- i bought concert tickets and that scared you off
- so you told me that you werent looking for anything serious

Ok this is my question. We continue to talk and text.

If you text me and im busy. 5 minutes after your text i get another text from you indicating that you're irritated that i didn't reply...

Why would this woman be irritated with no reply after 5 minutes if she only wants to be friends...


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  • Because she wants attention from you and wants validation that she is still wanted by someone. It doesn't mean she actually wants to be with you. It means she needs attention for her ego.


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  • She might be interested or not.

  • She's not worth your time. Abort.

    I hate people who say they aren't looking for anything serious.

    • Me too. But dont you see my point how her showing emotion if me not texting back after 5 minutes is odd. Lol

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