Should I wait for?

Imma keep this story short.

I've being seeing this girl for a couple of months now, almost every single day since we started going out. She stated long time ago, that she had put in her mind, she didn't wanted to be involved with no man till she likes herself or meet the goals that she wants to.

After a few dates we started to get involved, she says she wants me, but at the same time she wants to be alone, we already had sex, and we had a month of everything, and last week it happened the same, and she said that it kills her, because I make her confused, I make her want more but she wants to fix herself up.
The thing is now she completely blocked emotions, we spend a lot time together but nothing happens, we just enjoy our
company, chill, go out, I like but at the same time, it kills me because I like her and not being able to do anything, about that makes me feel hopeless, because I want her so bad and I know she does as well.

And now I'm starting university, and she thinks I might find a new girl, because she's not ready yet, and there will be another person, willing to give me what i want, she feels like I've wasted my time with her, but she doesn't want me to go, and I don't want to go either, but the thing is should I wait for her? She doesn't know when she gonna be ready, I personally don't want another girl, and she knows it! And me and her are exclusive !

dont know what to do now


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  • I personally say don't wait for someone else. Too many people have been burnt by that story including me. If someone can't decide when they want to commit to you then it's THEIR problem and not yours. You can't wait up for someone for their own selfish reasons. There's a chance it will never even happen either! Maybe she'll fall for someone else in the mean time or decide the feelings aren't there. There's no guarantee for a relationship. She made that clear by saying she doesn't know when she'll want more.

    In my opinion if you truly want someone you'll be with them. I don't buy into the "I want to work on myself" BS. Especially in cases like yours when things are serious and there are risks involved. It's not THAT difficult to be with someone. It's not life changing. She can still figure herself out and work on goals with you. I'd be too scared of losing someone I love by telling them I'm not ready.


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  • Don't actively seek another girl at your university. If there is an opportunity that another girl may like, and you become interested in her, then let this current girl know and move on. If that doesn't happen, see where this goes.

    • Thanks for the advice!

      I went out with the current girl, and she explained the real reason for why she doesn't want to commit, and I had the hints of it long time ago, but I was to jealous and I didn't wanted to understand the situation, and she afraid of telling me the real reason for it because I could Adé away from her life, she asked me not to leave her life, and that we should keep talking because we don't know what can happen tomorrow. Even doe I'm not gonna seek for no one I'll still keep seeing, but not expecting anything. Now I won't see her everyday it's gonna be easier, but we promised to tell each other if one day we seek for somebody else to let both of us know!

      Anyway after this talk we ended up having sex again

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