I rejected a guy months ago and I'm still thinking about him. Was I overreacting?

Every teen is clueless at some point. Last year I really liked a guy he liked me back, and in the winter I found out he liked me too. We started talking, we could have a few dates but then I got an contagious virus so I couldn't get out of my house a few weeks. I was so frustrated. We kept talking at the phone, but at New Year's Eve, while he was talking to me he was with his friends at a mountain location for a few days and with his ex!! Then I started avoiding him and after I send him a message to not think about a relationship or make hopes because I will be busy with some activities and school and then he said that he didn't say anything about relationships (weird, because he said to my bf's brother that he would want this). Still he kept asking me out (as friends) but I rejected everytime. After a few months I found out I was a bet, though he liked me. Now, I found out he break up again with that girl (they were again in a relationship) and I can't stop thinking about him. I remember how nice he was to me and I didn't even said the reason I started avoiding him, so I'm thinking maybe I was overreacting. What do you think, what should I do now?
I thought I should send him a message with my new number.. Should I do this? :)


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  • Sure, say hi and ask how he is, keep it light, their is definitely no harm in it.
    Could be an amazingly smart decision :)
    Good luck


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  • If he's single then yes you should absolutely make a move again! It's never too late an there's always a chance. Don't live life with regrets. Just do it and even if it doesn't work out you know you tried. That's all that matters :)

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