Am I the only guy who hates the double standard of guys needing money to date, but women don't?

Most guys would date a woman regardless of her financial situation, even if she didn't have a car or was unemployed as long as she was the right person.
Yet most women still won't date a guy unless he has a certain amount of cash. Even the ones who say "I make my own money and don't need a guy to pay for everything", they still would never date a guy unless he was financially stable and owned a car.

This totally sucks in an age where women want equal pay, but won't pay for anything for the guys.

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  • it does suck.

    but the women gonna say it not true.

    • They never admit it, but it's always obvious when they're in the right moment.

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  • ok firstly, stupid poll.

    second, #generalisation261 please dont act like u know how 'most' women think ok? we're not all the same. u have NO IDEA what kind of guy we'd date. you have NO IDEA whether or not we'd pay, let him pay or split the bill. u have NO IDEA whether or not we'd get with him if he does or doesn't have a car.

    you can guess. you can't try to understand, but you still have no idea. continue with this mindset and u will never end up with a woman, because all ur doing is making assumptions before u get to know the damn girl.

    • Why is it that every time some guy makes a general statement about a large group the typical response is "no NOT EVERYONE is like that hur dur!"

      I think OP and every one else who's making that claim is pretty aware that not everyone is like that. But generalizations exist for a reason. There's a reason why men time and time again complain about women wanting financial security - and that reason is that many women DO indeed want that. Denouncing the claim with "not everyone does that" will not move the discussion forward at all - it doesn't help at all.

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    • @justbanANNAz I think it's redundant to post disclaimers on every single post where there's a generalization. It should be pretty obvious that he's not assuming that EVERY single person falls within that category.

    • maybe so, but then words like 'always' or 'all' make me think otherwise.
      if it annoys u, I'm sorry u feel that way. like i dunno what else to say lol. @thisdudehere

  • Pfft, my ex owned a car and he had no money. The car took up all of his money.

    Personally I think money is only an issue if the burden falls on ONE person for the money, which isn't fair whether it's the guy or the girl. It can cause problems if it's too unequal.

  • If being able to support oneself isn't a requirement for the people you're dating, you need to re-evaluate your life.

    • No I don't. Love isn't about material possessions and should never be about it. I think you need to re-evaluate your moral beliefs. It's not morally right to equate love with anything monetary or material.

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    • I never said being broke was fun. I was talking about dating.

    • Bro, if you want to pay someone's rent for them, be my guest but I am not about that life. All I want is a dude who is able to pay his own bills. Is that so wrong?

  • I prefer if I pay my own way, and he pays his. Even when I was in a relationship, unless my boyfriend surprised me by pre-paying for everything. Then I would plan something special and pay for him next time.

    I guess it depends on the type of woman you are looking to date. I did date a guy with no job, no car, and was living with his mom. I tried, but he had no ambition to ever look for work and just masturbated all day. Sorry, that is a deal breaker for me.

    • Uh, as it should be, especially if you are an ambitious person, such as myself.

    • @9mfeo Yep. I try to give people a chance, and I did. I know that is not for me. I am ambitious as well and want a partner that has some at least... if he can match mine that's great.

What Guys Said 2

  • It's not a double standard. It's a trade. Guys desire a woman with good looks. Women desire men with stable income. Thus, essentially, you are investing or "leasing" (dating) for a woman's looks with your money.

  • Some truth to this.
    In college I was literally dirt poor, so for dates I had to get creative and do free/cheap things. Ended up being a nice filter to get the entitled girls out of my life.

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