Why are relationships treated like there are dire consequences if they fail?

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting, ya get to see how ya get along with someone new, but many people turn it into this serious stressful chore.

If I go on a date, I'm going to be her friend, not her dad or her butler, just her friend, and if we can't get along as friends on a date, maybe with some romancin thrown in, then it just ain't gonna work with me.

When I say I won't be her butler, I will be polite, but I won't wait on her hand and foot, and I don't expect her to do such for me either.

This isn't a complaint, it's a curiosity. I ain't havin trouble dating.


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  • I think that so many people act like dating is a such an extravagant thing is Becouse of all the stupid romance books and movie making love into this huge thing that it's not suppose to be.

    • I agree will you completely.

    • with* sorry I'm groggy. XD

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  • Because there are usually feelings involved and break ups tend to be a unilateral decision.

    • Wouldn't that be premature for a dating pair?

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    • Sometimes it depends on how people date. For example, if you date a nervous girl, then she will take it serious. But if you date an outgoing girl, then she will be fun to date. It all depends on their personality and behaviors.

    • @Menia12 Ya make good sense.

  • Then, tell her how you feel.

    • Who's her?

    • Okay, if you have not date. Then, girls will not have trouble with you. You should not be acting like a dad, just act like a friend and you will do fine.

    • I'm not really concerned about it, it's an observation.

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