Would you like dating someone is really nice and kind and does stuff like volunteer to help at animal shelters and the poor?

How would you take advantage of thair kindness, or try to be as kind to them.

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  • I wouldn't take advantage, since I already to the same things. I haven't worked with animals yet, but I do work with the elderly in hospice care and at the children's hospital. I've been in charge of food drives and helped out at the soup kitchen.

    A guy that is kind to others is a good trait to have, for me.


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  • Doing nice things doesn't make you hot.


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  • Doing nice things /does/ make you got. It shows that you care about more than just your own friends and your own family, but everybody too. Niceness is definitely an attractive quality and an important one for a girl who is a nice person too.

  • I'd like that. Why not?


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