Does he really like me?

I've known this guy for a few months now. He says he likes me and is only interested in me. But so far he hasn't taken me out on a real date yet (we've only watched movies at his house). He works full time and has classes full time so I feel like when he does have time to see me he's usually tired which is why he hasn't taken me out. But a part of me feels like if he really liked me then he would go out with me somewhere and ask me to be his girlfriend... Do I keep putting effort into seeing him or do I just not bother anymore?


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  • He watches movies with, he said he likes you, so he probably means it. With that said, he might ask you out sooner or later. If you like him, just be patient until that day happens.
    The only problem I see here is that he is tired from work and doesn't have time to ask you out.

    • I forgot to mention that he doesn't put in effort into the conversations like he used to.

  • He likes you yes, but like you say he should be taking you on dates. When a guy finds a girl really important he will do things for her and with her no matter how busy he is. I think you should be honest with him and ask him why he doesn't take you out and if he makes up excuses then move on.

    • I feel like when I do ask him he's just going to tell me he's preoccupied with work and classes so I shouldn't take it offensively. It's just a sucky situation. And lately I've been the one that's been texting him first.

    • hell no. Girl you deserve so much better. Don't chase him let him chase you!

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