Going on dates after several fails with other guys?

so i guess im the only one that can actually answer this question, but i would like som insight and views on this.

Im not super experience with dating, but since this last year i have been on more dates and been more involved with guys then i have ever been. And the reason for that is showing a bit more interest, putting myself out there and gaining a lot more confidence.

But i still haven't had any luck, and i just recently learned that dating is not easy and its a trial and error situation basically. About 2 weeks a go i met this cute guy at a bar, and we would talk everyday until he suddenly didn't have that much time for me which made me very insecure about where this was going and i started stressing about it. When he did that i was talking to this guy on a dating app and i went on a date with him, he was a joke and just weird.

But i have also been talking to two other guys, both willing to meet me (but im pretty sure one of them is only after booty since he invited me to his house). The second guy wants to meet me this weekend, but i told him i couldt because of work, but techinally i have time before work.

Anyway, my dilemma is if i should go on the date or not.. i feel defited in a way, to be honest, but at least i won't sit around thinking about the other guy. Do you think i should go?


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  • Yeah you should go. Just be positive and try to make it a fun time for you.

    • im going to try.. i wish i new dating was going to hard because going into it i thought it was like how it happens in the movies or in tv-shows.. reality hit me hard..

    • Yeah that's how I felt when I turned 18. I thought I was going to be happy and do what I want but nope I'm stuck paying bills and I barely have free time for friends.

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  • Most first dates don't turn into a relationship especially if it is with a guy you met at a bar. And as for dating sites it is the first time you are meeting them in person. I look at first dates as a brief meeting to see if we even actually want to go on a real date. If it doesn't work then it is just another person checked off your list and one step closer to someone who is right.

    • yeah, you're right... reality just hit me when it comes to dating... but im going to try and go with the flow

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