Have you ever had someone get mad and harass you because you didn't want to go on a second date?

This happened to me twice in a row. They act as if I have some kind of obligation to them as if we are in a relationship. One guy sent me nasty texts for a while which I never responded to but continued to receive. The other kept texting me for months and even showed up outside my gym.

Im too old for this kind of crap.


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  • Some guys can't take rejection :|


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  • No that is a sign of being mentally unstable. I would notify the police on the second guy in case it escalates.


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  • I was harassed by younger women and bullied then when i blocked them or ignore their abuse they would get upset at me or find other ways around to contact me then another female friend got mad at me and her and this other guy conspired against me and she believed all lies he said about me to her but it ruined our friendship and i don't know if she did it cause i wasn't acting a certain way to please her or what it was but what she was accusing me of was no way true.


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  • This never happened to me, fortunately.
    Block them on your phone, keep your distance away from those two guys, and make yourself clear that you don't want to go on a second date.