Why did he react like this?

Recently I saw a guys profile online who last year tried dating me but at the time I didn't know him so didn't date. I decided to message him via work because last year he even came to my city and work and would look at me working for a few days and he flirted a bit to get my attention but I didn't recognise him. So I finally messaged him wanting to know why he'd come see me at my hometown and he replied back saying I shouldn't bother him at work and that since we didn't know one another that was it. I decided to send him my picture as he didn't recognise my new name via email message and I was upset at his last response so told him I'm the girl he flirted with and came to see last year and some of his old work colleges are my family. He hasn't replied back yet.. I did tell him before I sent my picture that his work was the only way I knew to get in touch. I realise his job is stressful as he's in the military but feel upset and if he doesn't reply back to my last message with my pic explaining who I am?

I told him I liked the charity work he's done for the local residents too and how proud I am of him.


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  • Then he's not interested. Clearly very not interested

    • I just wanted to ask him why he flirted and came to see me and if he has no interest then he shouldn't have done what he did