Do you believe in Leagues?

Yes there are varying levels of attractiveness, and in high school there is a status type deal so I can see leagues existing in that immature enviorment more, however if you keep yourself in decent shape, dress well, and talk smart, no one is really out of your league.

I personally lost my hair to a condition a couple years back and I'm a 20 year old white guy, have to shave it bald up top now, but you know unlike other people at no point was I like 'well I can't get the kind of girls I find very attractive now, I better adjust standards' I personally wouldn't date a girl I didn't fibd to be physically a 7 in terms of attractiveness at least, and that's something I'll never change, yeah I've been turned down some but everyone has, you just keep going for what you find attractive until one returns it, you shouldn't have to settle and that's why I think leagues are a mindset that only exists because people don't even take the chance thinking it's futile. So what you just go for someone you find plain then? I really think leagues is just an excuse to not go for what someone really wants due to fear of failure, I'm a 20 year old guy with no hair on my head, I'm pale but you know my face and eyes get a shitload of compliments and I stay slender, so despite it all, I'll still go for what some view as 'above my league' because I don't fear the fall from taking the jump.

I know it's more like a my take here, but I wanted to see if others agree with what I have to say about leagues etc. So what do you feel on the subject?

note that while I do think there is a general view of what is attractive or not, there is a lot of personal input, some friends don't get why I'm so attracted to a slender girl with no breasts etc when I just see her beautiful face and healthy build etc

  • I agree people should go for what they want, despite what supposed 'league' they are in
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  • I believe in leagues and that some groups would generally not date others who aren't up to a par
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  • to an extent I believe these leagues exist, but they have nothing to do with attractiveness, their more based on social status and income.

    • I agree that to SOME they may exist, like you said elites who think some poor guy isn't worth datibg etc, but it's not a natural or societal broad thing

    • it isn't just women who choose men that make a lot of money. while men may not care that much is the women makes much, or even works at all for that matter, many men from affluent families are more likely to only date women that also come from money. same thing.

    • I didn't mean that as just women do it, just the example I used. And sometimes even the 'lower class' frowns upon how the elites act and it goes that way as well

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  • No, that's BS. Who created the leagues and what makes me be in a league above or below you?
    I've seen people that are supposedly from different leagues dating and they look awesome together and pretty happy.

    Leagues are stupid and it's just a way to justify why you don't have the balls to be with that person.


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  • Yes of course. You don't date above you. You can try but why would they be interested in you?


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