I feel disgusting after being a sugar baby?

I decided to try sugar dating since I wasn't having much luck with relationships and wanted to do something different... I feel absolutely disgusting after having sex with that guy and now I know the lifestyle just isn't right for me. I feel like I will never feel attractive again... does anyone have a similar experience with this?


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  • Hmmm sounds like you feel like you cheapened yourself. :/ Whelp, today is a brand new day! :) A clean slate. What happened yesterday consists of the past you. Unfortunately, sometimes the way we find ourselves doesn't feel very rewarding in the moment but molds us to be better women and men in the long run. Just make a promise to never disrespect or cheapen yourself like that ever again. Don't beat yourself up or bully yourself. Be kind and patient with yourself but also commit to never putting yourself in that position again.

    • Thanks. Definitely not doing it again.. it was worse than I thought it would be and I'm just not good at having sex with people I'm not attracted to... I don't know how people do this for years on end.

    • This is a great statement of your soul and the way you operate. :) Be thankful for that.

  • No because I don't need to experience it to know its a disgusting thing to do

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