So this guy I like has been talking to me a lot the past few day?

Which is weird cause we never talk this much. Last few days he's been contacting me first. Yesterday I contacted him first. He use to not answer me right away when he was at work but, anytime I message him now he replies back right away. The other day I talked to him he was very opened with me which he never had been before? Also, he was telling me about how he never has any luck with anyone dating wise. is he trying to tell me he likes me with the long amount of hours he's been talking to me? Or is he just being friendly cause we're friends? I mean he always messages me pictures of stuff we have in common. He also has a picture I took of him for a project as his background which surprised me also which I think he's trying to tell me he likes me.


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  • This doesn't look like friendship to me. It's more. He is telling you intimate details of his life. Not something we really do with guys. He is inviting you into his inner circle of trust and hopes having you so close to him will eventually make you fall in love with him. That seems to be his strategy. He will probably try to spend as much time as possible with you so that he becomes someone who you are always thinking about until you simply feel like he is an inevitable part of your life and it would be pointless not to be with him. He is going for the long con lol. Add patient to your list of qualities for that guy...

    • That's what I was thinking when he was being so opened about his past relationships. Especially his most recent one he was in. Well he's doing a mighty fine job cause I usually don't always want to talk to him this much. I've liked him for going on almost 2 years now. Don't think he has a clue that I like him so much.

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    • I did contact him first yesterday lol if that's why you mean I think he's at work I'll try him later

    • I meant more than once. Once is accidental. Show him interest...

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