If I tell my crush how I feel in person and she doesn't respond?

I'm going to tell my crush tomorrow how i feel about her but my biggest fear is her not responding because she's too nice to say she's not interested. Are these fears justified? Has this ever happened to anyone?


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  • Just tell her.


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  • Just stop fiddling your thumbs and fiind out already. Biggest regret you'd have is never knowing.


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  • Justified fear, however you must also realise that you've come at a point where you feel the need to tell her about how you feel about her. Suppressing it in you will make you hurt everyday. Even if she rejects you as a possible companion, remember there are many others. Rejection is a part of life, so learn to deal with it and do your best to move on if it doesn't go well.

    • Very true. A no is much better than no answer that's what has been bothering me tbh. No matter what I'm going to tell her how I feel and hope for the best

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