Girls, do you randomly like your Ex-boyfriends old Facebook posts?

Im a guy and my Ex-Girlfriend and I were a long distance relationship. She was Texas I was North Carolina, we lasted for nearly 5 months, however you could say we were caught in the love more so than anything else. I still love this girl crazy enough as that sounds and we've been broken up for a year in a half, she's had a boyfriend for a little over a year now... we haven't been friends since we broke up either so she can't see my current page.

A few weeks ago, just randomly out of nowhere! She likes an old Facebook status, one month into out relationship that I posted for her. She has a boyfriend... and just randomly liked some cringe worthy love note I tagged her in.

Why? I've been looking this up everywhere, asked my friends and I still don't get why this even happened?

I've lost enough sleep over this girl, so I'm really just curious as to what might be going through her head, and if you girls have done this as well, what went through your minds doing so?

I know the answers are infinite, but should I even take responde back to this in some way or just leave it be?


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  • :\\ I'm sorry to tell you.. it's no good.. I did that once :v It's something we do to make sure we have no feelings for a guy.. to make sure liking an old post doesn't give us butterfly effect --' don't respond to her

    • Thanks! Makes me feel loads better now. lol

    • I'm sorry :(( I just didn't want you to suffer all over again :(( I'm really sorry.. I know what it feels like..