Should I write him again?

I asked my crush to meet, he answered immediatley and asked me when, but I didn't get an answer after I told him the times... some of the proposed times have already passed...

do you think he stood me up?


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  • I dated a guy who did this and it didn't work out. You could reply to him and ask him to pick a time but if he keeps bailing I think you should move on and find someone else. Trust me, people like that are just a waste of time.

    • it happend one time earlier and he got offended when I accused him of doing it...

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    • That's exactly what he's doing though lol

    • he doesn't seem to understand that... can you believe this?
      i repeatedly told him that he was wasting my time, but he just doesn't understand...(or do you think he pretends he doesn't understand?