Can an American girl at college date an international student (particularly, turkish guy)?

1. Those American girls, who are at college, what do you think about foreign guys at your college? Are they out of the circle of your friends and/or people who you woud date?
2. I`m not talking about chinese or black guys, I mean, let`s say there is a foreign guy, who is white and is not that much different from white americans in terms of race, but with black hair. What do you think he should have in order to be able to have chances to date you?
3. Is English very important? I mean, does he have to speak with slangs, with American accent and American pronunciation?
4. In terms of culture, does he have to behave as an American guy?
5. Is it true that only very handsome foreign guys have chances to date American girls?
6. What would attract you to a foreign guy (besides beauty)?
7. Overall, what should I know about American girls?

I`m alone here, no one from my country, I don`t have a girlfriend, I don`t know anyone, and frankly speaking, I want a girl, doesn`t matter for sex/serious relationship/anything else, I don`t mind serious relationship, I just want to have a girlfriend, and I think it is natural, don`t get me wrong:) I think it would be very unhealthy not to have a sex for 1 year:)

P. S. Sorry for words "black", "white". I respect all races and don`t find these words offensive to any race, but sorry if you find them offensive. If there are other words to use instead, I`m ready to replace.


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