Which is more intimate to have?

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Someone you may have feelings for

  • A persons cell number- whatsapp
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  • facebook
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  • Instagram
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  • snap chat
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  • twitter
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  • email
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends really! Are you old school? Do you like to spice things up like wait for your loved ones to reply to your email and stuff? I think we've lost of those classy people who were more into long emails that were romantic, full of love. I'm not sure how to answer this one so i'd pick WhatsApp because in the beginning I'm very curious to know about the opposite person. There's so much intensity, love, that amazing feeling so yeah to get my replies quickly or whenever I want to hear her voice. That could only be done through WhatsApp. So yeah I vote A


Most Helpful Girl

  • None of them are really that intimate except the cell number, I guess... But people hand that out to everybody and their brother too, so really none of them.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Voted A. I certainly feel that their number is most intimate!

  • A persons cell number

  • For me it would be Skype, chatting and (video) calling without the annoying costs so no worries about talking for 4 hours.


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