How to give her a "cold shower"?

I'm dating this girl. We already slept together several times and I think it was good. Anyhow after the last time she got a little bit cold (she did this before); I'm not that worry about it.

I was not needy until now (I stepped back when I got a refusal and wait for her to make a step) but I always accepted everythink from her. I was ok with reschedules, I easily accept changes of plan and so on.

I know that if things goes this way she will eventually lose interest because I'm not a challange anymore. How can I give her a "cold shower" and "shake her" a little bit? To show her that I'm a valuable person and she has to fight for me?

PS: Don't judge me. I'm basically a nice guy but I got burned several time. I know where it ends being "nice" all the time.


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  • So you want to play games instead of sitting down and having an adult conversation about your feelings. Maybe you deserve to be dumped. I would lose interest in your childish self too

    • Childish? I always tell what I want. I always tell her I wanted to see her and do this and this together. I always answer in several hours (when I was busy) to her messages or call.
      I'm not the one who doesn't answer for a week and than say: Sorry, I forgot to answer. I'm not the one who acts sometimes like I want to marry her and the next week like: "and who are you?". And to all this mood-changes I've NEVER criticize her. NEVER. Never expected an explanation, just said: "Ok, no problem".

    • ... maybe you are right...

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