How can I tell this guy I'm a virgin?

I've been talking to this guy online for a few months though we haven't ever met. There's nothing sus about him I'm not worried about that at all, the only thing is I'm a virgin and haven't told him, I've never outright lied but I've definitely made it seem like I'm not. I want to tell him if we ever meet and if it's likely we'll do the deed but I'm unsure how he will react. If I can get any advice on this that'll be great. I'm a 20 year old female.

I'm embarrassed that I'm so old but haven't done it, it's really affecting my dating life


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  • Blow into his penis. If it make a whistling sound, then he's a virgin. If it doesn't, then he's not.

    • Oh I misread the question. I read it as "how do I tell IF this guy is a virgin?"

      oops 😳

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  • Embarssed from freaking what just say hey I am a virqin THE FUNK?


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