Chubby chasers?

How many of you would consider yourself a chubby chaser? What are your views on Big Beautiful Women(BBW) and Big Handsome Men(BHM)? Are there any of you that feel like you would lean towards a 14+ sized woman or a larger man?

If you vote please elaborate :)

  • The Bigger the better
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  • I love skinny girls, none else.
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  • I could really care less as long as he/she is nice
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Also, what size range would you consider to be skinny? average?plus?


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  • As long as their nice lol. I think chubby and curvy girls are super attractive. Way better than just skinny girl. I've only dated skinny girls, but mainly cause they had great personalities. If I could chose a perfect girl she would be chubby and really nice lol.


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  • sorry I think being fat just means ur lazy. I realize some people can have a disease or illness or are just naturally larger than others but if ur just fat because you eat poorly nd don't exercise I have no sympathy for you. that is however just my personal opinion

    • Understandable, thanks for your honest opinion :)

  • It's fine if she's bigger than average, but if she's very large, the mechanics of the sex can be awkward, unless she's also very tall.

    Also, I have to be more careful with furniture.

    • Great point! thanks for the answer :)

  • I only date/go for bigger / chubbier girls. I find them physically more attractive. I also find their personalities to be much more fun and likeable.

  • This is a horribly self selecting survey. You didn't even include an option for guys who prefer skinny girls.

    • Well there is option B...

      Also, the choices were formulated by my psych club. We gave one option for those who like "big" girls. One for those who like "skinny" girls, and one for those who could go either way. We felt we were being fair to both sides, but if you feel differently we would love the feedback, thanks!

    • I plead guilty to scanning the question and not seeing option B.

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