He hasn't introduced me to his family?

Hey there this is all new to me. Story so far... Iv been dating a lovely guy for 5 months. We are strong and in a pretty serious relationship. It's been going smoothly until last month I introduced him to my family. He's met most of my friends and family. I have yet to meet any of his family. I have met 2 friends who I got along pleasantly with. The issue on his family's side is that I have children and divorcing. I was single 6 years before I met him and was not interested in settling for just anyone. I really love him but I'm so hurt by his parents attitude to me, he has told me they have made digs and snide comments about the fact I have children. They have no interest in meeting me. I am not invited to any family events. He has been to my house almost every weekend but as he lives with his parents (farmer) I am definitely not welcome there. Today I went to his grans funeral and twice he saw me but did not make eye contact but seemed to avoid me. I had to get back to work so I left to return to work a half hour away. I had asked him if he'd like me to go to support him and he said yes. He never asked me to it or to the gathering after it. I find all of this upsetting. I feel like I am being kept at a distance. That I am not good enough. At one point months ago he got such a hard time from them he was going to break up with me. Even though since he has been with me the family have noticed how happy he is and how good he looks. I don't want to pile on pressure but I need some reassurance that while his siblings and their partners are together at family occasions will I be left out. It's a sad time so I am not willing to confront him yet of how rejected I feel and felt today. He did text afterwards to thank me for going it meant so much to him. Also I should add I am furious over his parents disrespecting my children. They are well raised good happy children. I am very proud of them. Any advice please?

quick note
i am financially independent and support my children alone. I am a genuine and loving person. He has talked of marriage a future etc. I am usually more secure and level headed than this...


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  • Ultimately his parents aren't going to look at you positively... they're old school and will probably judge you until they're dead... I know that's shitty but just calling it how I see it there...
    But... he tells you these things... he's not keeping it a secret and that means he values you a whole hell of a lot.
    If you've yet to meet his family... it could be he's just embarrassed of their loud ouths around you since as you said they're snarky.

    • So it's them he might be embarrassed about not me? He treats me so well I was don't want him to feel like he has to choose I'd sooner walk away if an ultimatum was given by them

    • Well I doubt they'll make an ultimatum... it seems rather unlikely... But that said yeah, I know if my family is judgmental over someone I' embarrassed of that not them, if he cares about you, there's a quite good chance he doesn't want to have you exposed to that, or have you become more uncomfortable around them, honestly he seems to genuinely care about you.

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  • It's only been 5 months... don't you think you're rushing things a little bit?

    • with anyone iv been with before I never had any rush to meet parents my problem is before he told them I had children they asked to meet me. Now they are being horrible about me. I'm looking for advice on what to do in that situation. Does it get better or worse. My exes mother and family loved me and still go out of there way to talk to me so this is alien to me. Being judged before meeting me. Having him hide that part of his life

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