Do you think I still have a chance with this girl?

So there is this girl who I've had a crush on for a little over a year now. The thing is though, last year in 8th grade, we had no classes together. I barely got to talk to her. But this year, i have two classes with her, plus we are a part of the same friend group.

The good part is that she is a really kind, sweet, positive person (one of the many reasons I'm drawn to her). She is really nice to me, and i make her laugh constantly. I don't know if its because she thinks I'm funny, or if she is just easy to make laugh in general though. When I'm with her its really easy for me to talk to her. I put my feelings aside and ignore them, and have conversations like a normal person, so things are going pretty well, right?

Well... there is just one thing. See, over summer break, me, a couple of my friends, my crush, and a couple of our mutual friends--Lily, Macy, and Gabby went on a trip. One night, Macy asked my crush if she would "rather date Kenny (my friend) with my personality, or me with better teeth". (I wasn't there when she asked her). Well my crush said that she would rather date me with better teeth. I don't know why in the hell Macy had to bring up my teeth like that, but i was still satisfied with my crush's answer. But then Macy told me that my crush said something kinda mean about my teeth after that. I don't know exactly what she said, all i know is that she said "he looks like a ___" regarding my teeth. Macy didn't finish the sentence because she didn't want my feelings to get hurt. But it hurt anyway.

So anyway, now that I'm taking better care of my teeth, and they are whiter now, but i still can't do anything about the slight crookedness; i was wondering do you think that if i asked her out she would be willing to overlook my teeth (especially since they have gotten better)?

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  • I think you definetly have a chance with her! You'll know if she's the right gal if she overlooks your flaws you think you might have, So I say go for it :)

    • The thing is though, i don't know if she will overlook my teeth, since she was the one who insulted them in the first place 😞

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    • Should i wait for the right time to tell her? I feel like i should get to know her better first since we don't know eachother very well right now.

    • Yeah definitely! Make sure your on the right terms with her before you tell her

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