Do you wish someone would have just went out with Elliot Rodger?

He was the ultimate gentleman and all these girls kept going out with disgusting slobs instead of him. Its' sad :(


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  • No, I wish Elliot Rodger would have not been such an entitled, spoiled, whiny brat. He seemed to be waaaay to used to getting everything handed to him from his rich daddy that he totally lost his sh*t when he didn't just show up, breathe, and have women give him what he desired. Mental illness was a factor but so was humility and the ability to accept that not every girl you want will want you back.

    • As crazy as he was, he probably would have just killed her and any guy she looked at if things didn't work out between them.

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    • @diegoD well this is delayed

    • he had no personality problems you idiot!! he had autism, google it and see why an autistic person can't understand the world, once again you go to the same bullshit that not every girl will want you? but if you have no one your entire life your selfesteem and confidence can only take so much. also as i said he had autism, he can't understand social concepts , so he probaly rarely ever approached any girl, he had to be taught how to do it by examples

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  • Declaring yourself a gentlemen does not make you a gentlemen. If the world worked like that I'd declare myself emperor of the free world...


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  • I wish he took up boxing to release all that anger cause man would of been a beast

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