Me and my girlfriend have a one year old together but things are not too good. Am I the one to blame?

She says i need "step up" and this kinda made me mad and we got into an argument. We both go to school and she i work part time while she stays at home and takes care of the child. So we got into a tiny argument and then she said i don't spend enough time with our son and i explained that i have to work so we can somewhat get some income. Both of our parents help out but we still need an income.

I made her mad by saying "being a stay at home mom is not hard". So that made her mad. We don't argue much but this was a big one. Finally i told her to grow up and take responsibilyt and then she got even more mad.

Am i the one at fault here? Did i say anything bad?


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  • You're both at fault. You need to spend time with your family and you need to recognize her efforts with your child. She needs to be understanding and realize that after a long day of work the last thing you did is someone nagging you.

    • i guess you're right. i'll make time and go to sleep later

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    • I know, you both have a lot on your plates. Best of luck!

    • thanks

  • Duh! Of course she will be mad! Taking care of an infant causes adults to loose 6 months of sleep, how about you try to take of the baby? Feed them, wash them, do chores, wash dishes, wash milk bottles, steralize milk botles, take care of the baby, love the baby, play with the baby, teach thw baby new things, change the diapers and clothes, cook dinner, and more! So please understand your girlfriend or wife.

    • she is my girlfriend but one day wife! I understood that my words made her a bit mad, i talked to her this morning and i will spend more time with her and our kid. I really don't know much about taking care of a kid, in the summer i did some things but my girlfriend does it all. I worked all summer, but even now with school its tough. but will make time

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