Is it odd to not get turned on by making out?

While I enjoy making out, it doesn't get me erect.
The girl I was with last night moved her hand down to my willy and noticed that it was still flaccid and goes "it's sure taking you a long time". I was like "it's not you, it's me.. I think you're great but I just don't get stimulating by kissing". I asked her to turn around and bend over, then a few seconds later, I asked her to face me and now comment. My willy was full erect after seeing her awesome backside.
She then kind of got turned off and put her clothes back on and was about to go home. I was like wtf?
She was like "you seem to have a lot of anger and stressors in life but you just don't realise it".

Why don't women just accept that different things do it for different guys? Like.. stop taking everything so personal!!


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  • She seems like a bitch man. Drop her if she can't respect that about you. No good woman would react like that to such a trivial matter.

    Anyway, did you tell her what you told us? That different things do it for different guys and that she needs to not take it personally? So what if that's what turns you on more?

    If you did and she's still being a bitch, drop her. She's not worth your time. I despise girls like that who flip out over such trivial matters and think everything's supposed to be the same for everyone. These are typically the girls unrealistically and shallowly looking for that flawless "perfect" guy.


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  • No woman wants to be just a piece of ass to a guy. So out of the context of a relationship it can seem rather degrading to bend over for a guy. Either you will have to wait until you have a girlfriend to satisfy you or get with some floosie who doesn't give a rats ass about respect.

    • It's got nothing to do with respect. It's that I'm sexually turned on by ass, but not my kissing.

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    • By the way, downvoter was me, not Asker (just so you don't orient your anger towards the wrong person). The reason I downvoted is because as Asker says, this isn't about respect. It's just that different things turn different people on in the context of sex. This has nothing to do with being used. Your analogy of her needing to know his income, car, etc first before getting turned on is unsound because we're talking about getting turned on in a purely sexual environment, in which again different things turn different people on.

      For example, I have a foot fetish, so that's going to turn me on a lot. Some people find feet gross and that would do nothing for them. Meanwhile, yeah I find ass to be a turn-on but not hugely so, contrary to Asker's case where he really finds that a turn-on.

      Girls have preferences like this themselves. It's not a big deal and Asker's girl definitely overreacted. She should have realized that he was just trying to make a point.

    • @R3d_Anonymous I get what you are saying, but all women fundamentally want to feel respected and the way he presented it was no explanation... like turn around and bend down bitch. Naturally that will be offensive to someone. I know you are talking about purely sexual terms, however women do not think like that. That is why I did the money/car comparison because of course a man will not be offended if a woman were to objectify him sexually. I hope that clears things up :)

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