What is it really like to have a relationship?

I know another thing I'm afriad of is if I like a guy that I would have sex with him before marriage. I really want to wait. I just know it will be hard to because I'm at the age were my sex drive is extreme lolololol I'm being serious hahah. Also, what is it really like to have a relationship? I have had one kind of, but it really wasn't a relationship.


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  • In my experience fun at first then pure misery


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  • A relationship is work but it's work you want to do. It is a lot of compromises and talking but it is also fun and carefree. It's comfortable hour long silences and arguing about where to go out for supper :p haha it's sad especially long distance. My boyfriend is in uni now. I got to see him for the first time is 3 weeks and won't see him again for 3 months. At the end of the day though a good relationship is fantastic.

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