Analyze my situation:what is my crush thinking?

I talked to this guy I like ONCE and it really seemed like he actually liked me. His brother often stated at me and called him out once when I walked into the room. Then he ended up texting my gay best friend and asked my friend if he knew anyone that likes him so my friend just said no and didn't mention me. when my fried. Asked him who he liked he said he was a little interested in some girls or whatever he got kind of defensive when my friend asked him. He likes a lot of my pics In Instagram too (If that's a sign) at homecoming last night he kind of just sat with his shown crowd of guy friends, didn't dance or anything just hung with friends and it seemed like he was sort of following me back and forth between the cafeteria and the dance hall. Eventually I saw him sign out and leave in the middle of the dance and I think his brother may have left as well but I never saw him. But he looked at me and noticed me earlier and I felt like he was sort of followng me back and forth. I don't know what should I do now?


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  • He wants you