Modern Dating for the Traditional?

I've never had a boyfriend nor have I ever really been interested until recently. However in the last 3 years I haven't been asked out on a date properly and since I'm now prepared for the dating scene... I'm completely lost. I haven't the flirtatious virtue one usually possesses at my age nor do I know where to look. As a traditional type, I thought stepping outside of my comfort zone might help a bit. So earlier today I (very awkwardly I may add), informed a young gentleman that I have never done this before and to bare with me. I asked if he was single, while he was taken aback and replied, "yes," I then proceeded to ask if I could leave my number with him (in hopes he'd reach out to me when he was able) however in pure panic (as well as my God daughters were getting into more of a mess then appropriate) I sort of just walked away without wishing farewell or even asking for his name...

He truly did seem genuine and flattered by my attempt, how long do you think it may be for him to respond if he so chooses to? & How long is appropriate for me to wait with high hopes?

Thank you for reading!


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  • U should say sumthing like u would like to get to know him so can u have his numbah

  • Old school dating is next to impossible for the 18-24 people in this day and age. It sucks but it is what it is.

    • It's unfortunate. I was raised chivalry, genuine class and etiquette are the true keys to finding someone worth your time, after today's ordeal I don't think I could ever try a "modern" look on dating again.

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