My boyfriend is writting his A levels and is really stressed what do I do?

So we've been together for over 6 months and he's gonna write his A levels in about 3 weeks.. He has told me that he's gonna be distant and all and that he can't wait till November as we will have lots of fun apparently (when he's done with exams ) But like its so out of line right now. He just has bursts of rage over the tiniest things and takes them the wrong way and he's so tired and depressed and he seems down. When I tell him to lighten up he says that that's even worse and all. He seems okay with his mates. I just don't get what I am supposed to do cause now he's even becoming rude as hell. So what should I do? Leave him or stick with him thorugh this one month and a half and just give him space? And how can I make things easy for him? I'm really confused cause he says he really loves me but his attitude these days are just shitty , he wasn't like this before exams.. ( oh and he has a mental condition which makes it hard for his to cope with stress and pressure and all )
Also he doesn't say I love you in front on his close guy friends , he says it's just something that you don't say in front of guys.. Is this true 😑?

I was talking to him today and he said that he's not being social to anyone including me cause it's that time of the year. But he's supper fine and extremely social with his boys.


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  • You know his mental condition so you're in a better way to understand him. Give him some space, the last few weeks before exams are pretty stressful so make sure you don't bother him while he's studying. Just let him know that you're there. A few texts each day will be fine asking how's the prep coming along and that he'll get through this. Do your thing make him feel positive and yeah he shouldn't be over stressing to the point where he forgets that you exist too.. But again the last few weeks are horrible so anything coming from him just ignore it. You guys can always have fun after exams.


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  • Oh come on! Saying I love you to your boyfriend or girlfriend is a very personal and private thing. You don't shout it from rooftops unless you are thr hero in a romance novel...
    Give him lots of space. Let him come to you not the other way. When we are stressed we tend to take it out on those whom we love the most. So just give him space and time and let him be. He'll be back to normal once the exams are over.