Why do we want what others have?

I met this guy at a party and there was zero spark. Nothing to talk about, no similar interests, it was just awkward. But my friend thought he was cute, so i weirdly introduced them and now they're a kind of couple. In that they've just started dating (not yet exclusively) but let's call a spade a spade and say they are inexclsively exclusive. Anyway i don't know why, maybe it's all the gushing and non stop talk about him i hear from her, but (i want to be very clear that i am not developing feelings for him at all! I would never do that to her and i just don't have any at all) i am developing a liking. He's a great guy, because he's great with her. Like they compliment each others personalities and bring out the best in one another.
At least that's what i think.

Again to be clear, I'd rather die than betray my friends. But i did find it interesting that i could totally ride someone off one minute, but as soon as he's happy with someone else i rethink it. I've read that psychologically for girls, if a guy is with a hot girl there's like this increase in attractiveness because it was something like girls trust other girls judgment so like if she likes him there must be a reason for it or something?
But i'm wondering is it just seeing someone who's happy, confident (not nervous about approaching or whatever) is that what makes girls take notice?

So i was curious whether you have ever had this happen, where your interest in a person went from none to something once they were with someone else. Or just general theories/ideas on this from a psch perspective or whatever.



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  • Because you're unhappy with your life

    • Yeah could be, maybe it's envy? Or maybe i just need to get some lol.
      Thanks for the opinion though:)

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