Is it ok if I still in love?

Hey guys, How are you?
Here is the thing, 1 year ago, I fell in love with my friend, we dated 5 months, because he said he needed time to focuse on his grades. I said it was ok, but I spent the next 7 months tearing every night before sleep. Just when I decided I didn't wanted him anymore, he asked me my phone number and we've been talking since. I think I still having a crush on him.
He's a jerk when his friends are around, but he is so cute and funny alone.
2 weeks after he dumped me, he dated another girl. (Which broke my heart)
Should I try to get him again? Or I have to say goodbye?


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  • Don't try to get him again. If I were you I would say goodbye because he's just going to mess with you again. You deserve someone who won't hurt you or make you cry.