Is my girlfriend right when she said I need to watch less football on Sundays and spend day with her?

I'm a weekend warrior and work all day both Friday and Saturday and am ready to crash the second i get home. On Sunday I wake up and relax by watching football all day and drinking a fee beers with my college friends. She doesn't like me watching football all day and wants me to spend Sunday with her make it our date night. I don't know if I can give up football. I only. have one day where I don't work or have class and that's Sunday so its like a day to just chill.


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  • You need to negotiate. Maybe spend a day or a few hours during the week with her.

    • Well we spend the weeknights at each others place and hang out there, spend the night etc. So when Sunday hits its like I want to call some friends up order wings, pizza, and share a case of beer over the games.

    • So, after football season, hang out with her once a month on a Sunday.

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  • Switch every Sunday

    • That could work as long as I can check the scores it would work lol.

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    • We spend every night together and sleep at each others apartments throughout the week cause we both live on campus so I dknt see her issues with one night apart. It's like she doesn't trust me lol.

    • Incan check the scores myself on my phone as well as long as I can do that I can deal with that and accept it.

  • You don't have to spend time with her the entire Sunday but maybe an hour or two?


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  • I suggest you watch football all day then take her out at night.

  • Hell no, she ain't right.

    • So should I tell her no? I'm willing to give up watching football for her tbh but I don't know if she's bejng controlling or I'm being inconsiderate.