Why are flamboyant guys so easily offended?

I was always bisexual, but lately I have been fishing on dating sites for guys in addition to girls. I have made separate online dating profiles. One of them is more on a gay dating app, and I specifically state on my profile that I don't like overly flamboyant men. I get some fucking hate for stating that. Why? This is ridiculous. So now I have to like flamboyant men? I sometimes tolerate it, but I don't even like overly girly girls (like disgustingly phony level girly).


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  • Maybe 'cause they're used to being attacked for that so they're more defensive


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  • I'm straight but I feel the same way regarding friendships. Like I have no problem being friends with a gay guy but nor the flamboyant ones. It has nothing to do with their sexuality, it's just that they are fucking annoying.

    • They can be nice people, just like anyone but I find it unattractive.

    • I never said they were mean... just annoying.

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  • Lol I don't know maybe it's how you talk to/about them? Cuz honestly I'm a little flamboyant and non-masculine, and if a girl i liked called all guys like me "disgusting and phoney" yeah I'd be pissed and have a very low opinion of her

    • There is a difference between a little flamboyant and the jokers that exaggerate it on purpose. The latter is what I'm talking about. It's quite frankly, scary.

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