If my boyfriend just think in sex it means he doesn't really care about me?

I though it was normal but I don't know anymore. He even wake me up in the middle of the night just because he wants to have sex and if he said he will take me to some place (the beach for example) his mind is in places that we can have sex.

He is very sweet when he text me but soon he start talking about sexual things.

I like him so much but we have just been dating for a little time and sometimes I feel like I am just easy sex for him.


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  • A guy with sex on his mind all the time is like a grain of sand at the beach. He is just like all the others and doesn't mean he is using you for sex.


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  • Explain to him that this is how you're feeling and ask him to take you out on a proper date that doesn't involve sex and see what he says.

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