HELP!!! this boy I like just got a girlfriend and I don't know what to do! I really want to get to know him but I don't want to interfere?

So i am a sophmore (16 years old) and there is this guy i know who is a senior. We both have a lot in common, similar personalities and we both run track. He knows who i am because one of his best friends just so happens to be one of mine. I follow him on instagram and he follows me. Now the problem is that i have never hung out with this guy and already really like him, from the things that my friends tell me he seems really nice and perfect for me. He told my friend that he really wants to get to know me and i really want to get to know him too. But the big problem is that he just got a girlfriend and im devastated, i really wanted to get close with him but now i dont know what to do, i really like him. Do i stay away from him or should i try to still hang out with him. Also my friend who is really close with the guy i like just found out that i have a crush on him and he feels a little awkward talking about him with me now. Help i dont know what to do?


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  • Since your crush really wants to get to know you, I think you do not need to stay away from him. You can definitely still hang out with him. However, there is a catch. Do NOT let his girlfriend know that you have feelings for him or else she will be very hostile against you. For example, she may make lies and spread false rumours to your crush. If his girlfriend is present, avoid being close with him at all cost.

    Many years ago, I was in your shoes, so I have experience dealing with these kind of situation.

    If you have any follow ups, I am gladly to help!


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  • You're a beautiful girl and a very young girl, understand there will be other boys. This guy has a girlfriend and you yourself admitted to not even knowing him well, you just have a simple crush. It doesn't matter what your feelings are, what his relationship is like, what your friends think, or how long you've known him. He has a girlfriend. Nothing you feel, say, or do will ever justify intruding on someone else's relationship. Understand this man is off limits and if you aren't able to grasp that concept be aware you do not reserve the right to be mad in the slightest if the next girl tries to sweep him from under you, or take whatever guy comes next. To think making a move on someone else's partner is justified is cruel, evil, and selfish. The best thing for you to do is give yourself some space from him. You don't know him well, you're not obligated to a friendship. Try to stop thinking of him in romantic ways and move on. Not to mention he's graduating. He has bigger things in his life coming up and if his girlfriend is in the same grade as him there's a certain understanding between the two of them you aren't capable of. Their lives are going to change once they graduate. He'd have a better time relating to her than a girl who still has 2 years of high school left, not to mention if you're not already you'll be illegal soon. Find a boy in your grade that you'll have more things in common with. You'll have more of high school to experience together and it's more time to get to know each other. Worry about schooling and just enjoying this experience right now. You don't need to be concerned with someone else's boyfriend.

    • Thank you so much you changed my point of view, i was never gonna make a move on him while he has a girlfriend because that's messed up, i was just wondering if i should even bother getting to know him as a friend which is what i wanted in the first place. :)

    • but now i know i should just move on, so thank you :)

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  • You need to respect his relationship and be there only as a friend to him. Don't be a boyfriend stealer. Usually relationships at that age do not last forever and I believe sooner or later you will get your chance.


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