I need some Honest Help with my Dating Profile as Girls don't respond to my messages?

here's the link - https://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=94647776
Basically i only message girls who i find attractive, now for some reason a lot of those girls look at my profile and then don't respond can i get some feedback from you lot on what may be a turning theme off on my profile?

Also any tips for messaging?


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  • Trying to figure it out and all I can see is and maybe it's a UK thing, unbutton a couple buttons on your shirt. The shirt buttoned all the way up gives you a frigid appearance but that's all I can figure out bc your super cute and seem goal oriented.

    • okay thanks for your honesty to be honest i might give up as i get more female attention just getting the bus each day then the site so i will try and make conversation with them, plus a lot of the girls look nothing like their pics which makes it harder when your looking for a soulmate

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