Girls, Girls living in the United States, would you date an uncircumcised guy?

I know many girls in the United States prefer circumcised dick, but is lack of circumcision a DEAL-BREAKER for you?

  • Yes, I prefer uncircumcised/I have no preference.
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  • Yes, although I do PREFER circumcised.
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  • No, UNLESS the guy was just excellent in all other aspects.
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  • No, my man MUST be circumcised. I'd for sure dump a guy that's not circumcised.
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  • I'm not a girl living in the United States.
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  • I don't live in the US but circumcision is still a pretty common thing here -_-. Of course I'd date a guy who is uncircumcised, and I did - my husband is uncut. Pretty sad that there are actually girls out there who would dump a guy over something stupid like this.

    • Yeah, just look at the poll. 3/8 of girls would dump a guy over this... so there goes almost 40% of my dating pool (which is already being severely limited).

      So stupid because often there's very little to even no difference looks-wise when erect.

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    • Understand that I make these polls and others like this with the intention of estimating how many dating prospects I am losing with each potential flaw or specific quality. It just pains me when I make one about what seems rather trivial (I've posted polls about conditions more insignificant than this) and I get more than say a 15 or 20 percent "no". That may not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that there is not only ine, but many many limiting reagents that I possess. So even if you're only multiplying by 0.8, do that 5-6 times and you're down to about 33% , so 67% loss. And that's only if we assume that for the average poll like this, 20% are reporting that it's a dealbreaker which is very optimistic.

      It seems pretty accurate. Why would (most) people lie in an anonymous poll? It's fine and dandy to say that things are different in real life, but there's no evidence for that. The only thing to go by is a poll like this.

    • You can't take this poll seriously. I bet those girls would change their mind if they really liked the guy anyway.

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  • I've only had experience with circumcised penises... but, I have absolutely no problem with uncut. In fact, I feel a bit bad about circumcision in general because I believe it's absolutely unnecessary.

    But as for the appearance? Yeah... it might take some getting used to. But I don't find them any less attractive.

    And in fact, I heard that it can feel better for both parties, so I'd probably be a bit excited about it. Plus... I think giving head would be much more fun to play with since there's more to it. And I LOVE giving head.

  • Guys were circumcised to stop them from masturbating (some for religious reasons) back when masturbation and sex in general was very taboo (for the girls they wanted them to put acid on the clit... I'm glad that didn't catch on) The foreskin holds many nerve endings and protects the dick from being desensitized. Some say they circumcised their child so they won't get infected but only a very small amount of men get an infected foreskin. If you washed properly then there should be no problem with infections. Back to the original question, I have no preference as long as we are compatible and are kinks/fetishes match up ;)

  • I read online once that if a guy does a slow pullout, his foreskin will wrinkle up an rub on the g-spot. Possibly feels better on women. Either way a man should be able to please you if he loves you and shows affection and effort.

  • My boyfriend isn't circumcised and he has one of the few dicks that i've ever seen, that I actually enjoy looking at lol

  • Doesn't matter as long as he has good hygiene and sexual health.

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