Every feel like you don't deserve to be happy?

Me and my boyfriend have been together awhile, yesterday was first time we said i love you. Once he had left and everything it was fine but it got to night, and all i could think was he'd be so much better without me, every guy i have dated and broke up or had my heart broken by have always been happier when i was gone, and this guy i'm with now is so kind and funny and honestly i think the world of him but at the same time i feel like i have protect his feelings from me because i'm just a mean person i'm awful to people, i don't know why i just am! and all i can think is how i'm going to destroy him, i'm going to make him unhappy even through i'm trying hard not to i just know i'm going mess up because i just don't deserve love from such a wonderful man! He would be better off with a girl who's kind like him and who isn't jobless at the moment and who's pretty, someone he can make a life with! It's like i want to be with him but at same time he should be with someone better, i just know how to get over this feeling of not deserving happiness?


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  • Everyone deserves to be happy:make him happy, and be be happy for you and for him.
    Stop the negativity, afterall he's with you for some reason...


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