What to do about overbearing friends?

So this guy that I have been getting close to for these past couple months has this friend, that is a girl, who is completely overbearing. They have been really close friends for awhile now and she is like in love with him. I'm not worried about the fact that something could happen between them, but more about the wedge she could put between me and him. I'm scared that if I say something it could turn back on me as trying to tear them apart, which I'm not, but it is starting to get ridiculous. She is starting to post things on social media that are obivous directed towards me and I know that he would chose her over me, if I did say something to her. Seriously, anything will help.


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  • Your best option is just ignore her completely. That'll do more to piss her off than anything you can do or say and you won't lose your guy friend


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  • Do you think she is actually causing a threat to your relationship? If not, then you should leave things as they are.