Is he losing interest or just being a jerk? HELP?

This guy and I have been texting for about 3 weeks now. He admitted he had a crush on me since about 3 weeks before we started texting. We never really talked much in school, and still don't because of shyness. But we did hang out together and sit with eachother at lunch.. Just no real conversing. But recently, last weekend, he stopped texting me unless I'd text him, and even then he wouldn't text with as much effort as before. He stopped completing me also. If it helps, he also texted me about wanting to kiss me, but I never got the guts to do it.

But just two days ago, he tells a friend of mine he has a crush on me... So if he is crushing, why does he seem to be trying to distance himself?

It might help a bit to say he is in 11th grade and I am in 9th.


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  • Good question, ask him

    • I wish I could. In the past, I could easily t to my crushes and ask them. But this one's different, he makes me very nervous. I don't want to sound like a clingy girl nagging why he isn't talking to me. But at the same time, part of starting a good relationship is being open.

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  • Maybe he thinks you are no longer interested in him?


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  • He still likes you but he thinks you're losing interest. You both need to get over your nerves and get crazy.


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