Girls, I need advice, I really blew it?

I went on a third date with this girl two nights ago. We kissed afterwards but I didn't push for anything extra and left it at that..
Here's the problem, I had a panic attack beforehand ( not related to her ) And my anxiety is through the roof from an un-related subject. I sent a few sms trying to engage her ( nothing heavy or emotional, just light hearted ) I couldn't help myself, have I blown it and come of as a wierdo? She was pretty pissed I didn't make more of a move, my anxiety is just exploding atm


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  • How are you so certain that she was pissed about it? I actually consider it quite remarkable the fact that you didn't push for anything extra. Why did she take it the wrong way? I don't understand. Anyway, if she keeps rejecting your texts/calls, I suggest you to stop texting/calling her. Give her some time and let her initiate.

    • I was thinking because I wasn't more assertive she thinks I am a pussy , it as you say I'll let her come to me... My anxiety isn't helping atm...
      Thanks so much

    • You need to relax.
      Don't act desperate and don't keep bombarding her with texts.
      You're welcome.

    • Legend xxx

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