Girls, is it wrong I have a crush on a 16 old year and decide to wait until she is 18 to ask her out?

I'm 21 years old, and I have a crush a 16 old year girl. I know it's wrong and creepy. I feel guilty about it, this is why I won't act on this crush I have. It would be iresposible for me as an adult. However, what if I wait untill she is 18. Would it be alright then to ask her out? Would it be wrong to befriend before? Or until she is 18?

I would like to know what is right. Sorry if this grosses you out, this is why I'm asking this question to know whether it would be still wrong if I decide to wait until she is 18 years old. My apologies once more. I haven't acted on this crush for your information becuae I wouldn't want to do the wrong thing.


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  • I would say yes, it's a bit creepy.
    I have a friend at work, he was 16 and this girl was 14. (in UK, 16 is legal age). He gave her his number and said "text me when you're 16". I know, this sounds unbelievable but it actually, genuinely happened.
    When she turned 16, she text him (this part still shocks me I might ask him more about it) and then were in a relationship for 8 years.
    Unfortunately they have been broken up for over a year and a half but that guy is still madly in love with her (she is not with him).

    People would regardless find it creepy though