Girls, do you usually get approached by your 'type' of guy?

So usually early on in dating most concede that guys have it tougher but I'm wondering for those of you girls, do you usually get approached by the type of guy that meshes well with you emotionally? Or are the ones that you actually do like don't usually approach you?

  • Yes, I'm approached frequently by guys that I really like
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  • Sometimes I get approached by ones I like but also I get approached by those I don't.
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  • I only get approached by guys that I don't get along with very well.
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  • I never get approached...
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  • Other
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  • I like bananas but hate banana flavored anything!
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Interesting that the majority don't get along too well with the guys that actually do approach them. For those of you that put C is there something specific that seems to happen that you don't like about those that do approach?


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  • I'm in a relationship now, but I rarely got approached when I was single. I can only think of a few instances off the top of my head in the past year, and I wasn't really into any of them, physically or emotionally. I'm shy and introverted, so I don't meet people very easily, especially ones I really connect with.

    Also not to get off-topic, but I've always preferred being approached in a friendly, genuine way that relates to the situation over being given compliments.


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  • I get approached a lot but I have no idea who hey are and therefore have no idea if they're my type. I do like outgoing and fun guys, and i think it takes an outgoing person to approach a stranger (and most of the time this happens at parties or the like, which would make them a fun person)

  • Typically yes. My community is glorious for my preferred type of guy.

    So if I'm going to get approached in my community, odds are it'll be by a guy I find attractive :p

  • I basically never get approached.

  • I don't have a type so, I dunno :/