Would you expect a guy to become more sensitive and fragile during intense training?

My boyfriend has become extremely moody and insecure ever since he started his training as a police officer. I know he is stressed out and doesn't get a lot of sleep and I think it's getting to him. He was in the Marine Corps before this just thought he would handle it better. I can't predict him and he gets so mean when he is mad. Seems to get jealous and insecure at times too. I know he is in a leader ship position in the academy right now.. think the stress is just weighing him down.


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  • actually i believe such training'd make u more thick-skinned...

    MC go through a lot... i don't think small thing r gonna make 'em jelly/insecure... and being stressed generally doesn't mean u'll become jelly/insecure...

    anyway i believe he actually has a hard time there and he wants to quit maybe?

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