FreindZoned I have become friends with a girl that I like who recently broke up with her boyfreind. I'm waiting for her to be ready what do you think?

  • She is not worth it just be friends. She is better off as a good reference or wing girl.
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  • aw you waiting how sweet.
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  • Wait it out
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  • Don't wait look for someone elts and if she is still there in a year all the better.
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  • sure be a good freind and wait. While your at it become freinds with her freinds. So that when you ask her, they will help give her a push twards you.
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  • Why wait go for the rebound.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Your just happily skipping your way to down to the friendzone. I kind of doubt this will work out. Odds are, she is not ready for a relationship. If you make a move on her, it won't be reciprocated. If you wait, she'll feel like she's being used. No good, you should never try and get involved with someone you know has a relationship, or who barley got out of one. I think it will probably be friends or nothing.


What Guys Said 1

  • Never ever wait. Either they like you romantically, or they like you as a friend. Very very rare do you successfully cross that line. You think you have an in with her because you are friends and you are the one she talks to. But in reality you are just a sounding board for her and one day she will tell you all about the great guy she just met. Then you get to be the looser friend that gets to watch her hang out with her new boyfriend when you could have been with someone else already.