Do you think having no physical attraction is just as bad as having nothing to talk about on a first date?

So there's no such thing as a perfect girl or guy for that matter... but in order for me to date someone, they gotta have some physical attractiveness as well as some common interests or a good conversationalist. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

I ask this because there's an okcupid match question asking if it's worse to have no physical attraction or nothing to talk about and there wasn't a choice saying both are equally as bad. I feel like it applies to a lot of my dating experiences from those sites. Both are equally as bad but for different reasons.

For example, the ones that are just physically attractive but don't have anything in common or don't do anything to add to the conversation end up being very awkward, at least socially. Sure they might be very attractive but the conversations are insanely dull mainly because of how quiet they are. It puts pressure on me because I feel like I'm interviewing them and that I have to constantly come up with interesting shit to say or else it'll be quiet and awkward. They'll even give generic replies when you ask them about their interests and themselves.

What's really funny and ironic about these types is they act like you're the boring one when they're the fucking boring one. Now a person doesn't have to be exactly like you or non stop talkative but at least some things in common And contributes to the conversation somewhat.

On the flipside of that, I've had other dates where I had a lot in common with them and we have good conversations and they will initiate them a lot, but I end up having no attraction, literally none, because they used misleading/outdated pictures on the sites and it outs me in an awkward position. From experience, it's awkward kissing and having sex with a person you have no attraction to. Even though it's their fault for using misleading pictures, I'd still come off as a douche if I said I wasn't physically attracted to them. They don't have to be knockout beautiful but some

Physical attractiveness. I may not be the pickiest person, but I still have standards. I just can't force myself to be attracted to someone I'm not. I just don't see the point in using misleading photos. You're not gonna be able to hide your appearance and features if you plan on meeting them so you may as well get it out of the way and just be up front. This goes for both guys and girls.
Besides if you use accurate photos, you'll get a better idea of who likes you the way you are.


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  • I never have nothing to talk about lol, but if that was the case it would be the worse situation for a first date.

    If I'm not physically attracted to someone, that's okay, it's a first date not a commitment, and we probably won't be going on another date but we can still talk and enjoy each other's company. If a person's attractive but won't talk and makes things really awkward though, then that's just uncomfortable and makes me want to leave.


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